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I have never truely, fully and actually been happy. I fool both myself and others that I am.
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I dreamt that my dad came home from work one beautiful day and we were a happy family again….. I even questioned myself in my dream. I thought to myself this isn’t right my dad died…. when I looked back he was gone and it was all gloomy again….

my brother and I should really stop going out to dinner because we always struggle with do we just sit? or do we wait to be seated? and when we finish eating it’s like do we pay up front? do we ask for the check??

I need another night out with my friends. From last time,I just remember throwing up fries infront of a full lounge…. I laughed when I finished.

if people would just watch the way they killed off Vincent Nigel Murray they’d understand why I can’t watch “The Hole In The Heart” 6x22 on Bones without crying… no just no… impossible.

I really REALLY want the rebel and nobody cute guy oh man oh man

why can’t I just have the cute guy for once in my life!!