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I fool both myself and others. I'm not what I seem and neither are you.

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You know what fuck you fuck you fuck you to deepest pits of fucking hell!!! I feel like all you did these two years was get better at lying!!! I could’ve been with someone else who actually tries and gives a FUCK about me Im just wasting these valuable last few days I have left on you and for what? So I won’t hang with you?! That’s Bull Shit!!!

seriously… You know what if you don’t want anything to do with me tell me. Just tell me.

Im sorry Im the worst girlfriend and that Im such a handful. I just wanted to feel like I mattered

the only reason I didn’t say anything about it being my birthday yesterday was because I wanted to see who actually bothered to remember anything about me…. Life.

fuck that im not gonna deal. Clearly you lied to me and I mean nothing to you. So Im calling it. I have other people who actually give a fuck unlike you.

Happy birthday to me👏👏 Im working 😒

I can’t do this… My heart is pounding out my chest… I can feel it coming and I’ve been dreading this day like I dreaded holidays.

my problem is that I believe too much. I can feel it happening all over again….