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I fool both myself and others. I'm not what I seem and neither are you.

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I’m dying of laughter in the living room of my housing and Parker and Lucas are staring at me like wtf? 😂😂😂 sorry goise

this kid is so successful but I can’t stop laughing at the fact that he’s so full of himself 😂😂 I’m pretty half the girls you date are gold diggers

alright math what did i do wrong for you to hate me 😫 we used to be best friends!!! I don’t deserve this 56%!!! 😭😭

I want nothing to do with you. Do not fucking talk to me.

who would buy his flowers?! not you!! $125 worth. You forgot about him in less then 4 months. Then you started forgetting about your children…. How dare you say you love him but you’re sleeping with another man. He told you 3 days before he died he laid in bed with you and he told you he wants you to remember him as a man who loved you and who would go to the ends of the earth for you… I don’t think you realize how much you’re hurting your own family over a dumb ass guy who couldn’t care less.

I hate how my life has turned to shit in less than a year

I promise babe…

man I really hate to see this happen… I mean like I really want to be there for you babe. You mean so much to me and I can’t. I have to do everything over phone and it’s really not the same. I’d cuddle with you till the morning sun babe just know that. I love you so much. Don’t forget that.

how can I make it through college now? 😭😫