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I fool both myself and others. I'm not what I seem and neither are you.

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How could he just give up on me like that…

I moved in to my dorm and in all honesty. I kinda dig it here. at first it was all nervousness and I didn’t even wanna come here but now it’s like I can’t wait for classes to start I have a couple of associates here with me and I dig it.

when you leave it’s like everyone opens up to you because it’s like a now or never moment.

to the “anon” who is so worried about me and my boyfriend Rudy. Rudy came into my life before my junior year and we began talking. But he had a girlfriend and I didn’t find out till later. when I confronted him he said he’d rather stop talking to me because I was never really able to see him. so we just stopped texting but we still had each other’s number so he eventually texted me after a break up and said he wanted to hang out with me so I agreed to meet with him and we caught up. He’s moved out into an apartment and he and his band and actually doing shows and doin fine plus he works like every day like me. Then HE told me first I“‘ve missed you and I’m sorry for ruining something great we had” I just say there in awe because that’s something I didn’t expect. So we talked and he admitted to me that he’d rather be able to call me his. So I gave it some thought and well I mean my feeling for him never actually left. So yea now we’re dating and we’re doing just fine. And he’s actually serious about me. of course I’m not moving In because I mean I’m going to college and I HAVE to live on campus if I didn’t I would’ve moved in.

You know what fuck you fuck you fuck you to deepest pits of fucking hell!!! I feel like all you did these two years was get better at lying!!! I could’ve been with someone else who actually tries and gives a FUCK about me Im just wasting these valuable last few days I have left on you and for what? So I won’t hang with you?! That’s Bull Shit!!!

seriously… You know what if you don’t want anything to do with me tell me. Just tell me.

Im sorry Im the worst girlfriend and that Im such a handful. I just wanted to feel like I mattered